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Hot Wire CNC Sign Cutter




Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter designed for Sign and logo cutting
Machine size: 55" x 42" x 9" (thickest foam sheet can be 9")
Cutting Speed: up to 30"/min
Assembly time: 10 min (comes fully assembled)
Option 1: Machine and electronics only - $5000
               Comes fully assembled with the electronics 
               Not included: Computer, Monitor and software
               Software can be purchased from www.devcad.com and www.machsupport.com

Option 2: Turn key system - $6000
               Comes fully assembled with the electronics, computer, monitor and software
               1 hour of phone and online support and training is included
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   What type of foam can the machine cut ?  
Any foam that can be cut with a hot wire can be cut with the foam cutter.
Here are some common types of foam.
EPS - Expanded Polystyrene foam - fast cut (1LB to 3LB)
XPS - Extruded Polystyrene foam - slower cut, but very smooth
EPP - Expanded Polypropylene - Slower cut, foam will not break - great for wings
What do our customers cut the our machines:
Wings, Fuse, Signs, Logos, Packaging, Props

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